Homemade healthy chocolates, seriously!

Stop what your doing right now, pull out these ingredients out of your pantry and getting ready to taste the best chocolates you will ever have. I saw a nutritionist on GMA this morning talk about our food cravings and how they are rewarded by dopamines. Thus explaining why I cannot stop just eating one. She went on explaining how you can swap out ingredients and make better choices but not sacrifice taste. I was a skeptic but her last recipe caught my attention. She mentioned making your own chocolates. As usually I didn’t write down her recipe but took note of what ingredients she used. I tweaked it a bit and the results are amazing!!!! 

Swap Out Chocolates

1 cup almond butter 

1 cup organic coconut oil 

1 tsp Vital Proteins (collagen)

1 tsp Himalayan salt

1 tbs organic maple syrup

1/4 cup cocoa powder

Chopped up almonds (optional)

Mix all ingredients and place in muffin tin or ice cube tray. Let set and keep in the fridge.

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