Meal kit newbie

I’d love to start with this post being honest. I had all these plans to video my first meal kit today. I even planned to invite my daughter’s friend to help “unbox” the kit. It was going to fun, easy, and a great new feature on my IG feed. I was going to have the kids totally try this box on their own and I was just going to sit back and tape it. But that didn’t happen. Last night my daughter at 11 pm ran into our dinning room and banged her pinky toe right into our dinning table bench. She cried, she complained and she fell asleep crying. Long story short, I knew she broke something but I knew I would have to wait until the morning to get her into the orthopedic doctor. When I woke her up at 7 am her toe was twice the size and purple. Mommy guilt set in but I got her in to see the doctor at 3. My plan to unbox was derailed. The box was delivered at 2 pm just as we were leaving. Tired and exhausted after our appointment I knew I had to make dinner. ( btw it was broken and needs to be taped up for 3 weeks) I asked the girls what they thought we should do. I quickly decided instead of video taping the whole unboxing I was going to post it on my InstaStory. It was going to be faster.  Problem is that I’ve never done one. The one where I have to talk. It is so easy to hide behind the photo. I decided that I didn’t care and told the girls they didn’t have to be involved but they insisted. Even though this meal kit is technically a kid’s meal kit and I’m assuming that the kids are actually supposed to cook it, I asked the girls what job they wanted. Right away they said they would help lay everything out. Soon after, my youngest headed to the kitchen corner and started on the cookies while my oldest helped with the meatballs. Once we had that messy part done, she went off to help with the cookies. I proceeded to make the main meal. Going through each step was very simple (duh, it’s for kids). Once the last step was completed I turned around and heard something that grabbed my attention. My daughters were laughing and singing along to their playlist. Guys! my daughters are at the age where they hardly get along! I was so happy to see them having fun over making cookies. I grab a quick photo of this rare occasion. Even though social media makes people look like their lives are perfect and all rainbows and unicorns. It’s also a great place to be honest and to connect. I hope that after reading this you will come to understand that my life isn’t perfect or filtered or edited. I too need a glass of wine with a good bowl of carbs every once in awhile. Well okay maybe a few more days than usual. So if you wanted my honest review of Ayesha Curry’s new meal kit, well it was tasty and easy, affordable and healthy, but you don’t need a meal kit from a celebrity to have fun in the kitchen. All my kids needed was their mom and some cookie dough.

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