Simple protein lunch idea

As a busy mom, I eat when I can. Summertime can throw off my lunch schedule since I’m busy chauffeuring my daughters to various places. It’s way too tempting to get drive thru or a quick bite. Especially since my kids love Chipotle and Chick-Fil-A. I try to have on hand simple and fast ingredients to put together a cold lunch. Hint: Cold lunches usually have less calories and are a cleaner choice. I usually splurge on dinner calorie wise and money wise (how else would I bring you all these great posts?). I recently did 30 days on Whole 30 and developed many ideas for cold lunches. Here is one of my favorite cold lunches. It’s protein dense and very filling. I also buy my eggs already boiled in a bag. It cuts the time and the stink in your house.   I was a skeptic at first but this hack makes lunch or snack time so easy. I mix the yolks with mayo and Dijon and sprinkle this spice topping from Trader Joe’s. 

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