Why traveling OTP for food is worth the traffic.

When I moved to Georgia 7 years ago,  I quickly learned what OTP and ITP stood for. Outside the Perimeter and Inside the Perimeter My friends with no kids said ITP was the place to be but us having a family I felt OTP was a better fit. I still do question our choice when I’m dining ITP…. but that’s another story! Atlanta is not your average city where it’s laid out as a grid. Long story short, there are highways that actually form a circle around downtown. I joke that it keeps the hipsters in and the breeders out. You used to find the best food ITP but now with all the IT companies heading north of the city a new food scene is growing fast. Literally every month I hear about a new restaurant taking over Alpharetta, a beautiful, family friendly, quiet suburb 35 minutes north of ATL. Avalon is a mixed development of restaurants, shops and office buildings. They are actually building a new hotel/conference center next year.  Living here I’m excited but cautious as my sleepy town is now a bustling city with transplants…and traffic. Here are a few great restaurants Avalon has to offer. ( Brine Seafood Shack, Rumi’s, Chick-Fil-A, Barleygarden, Jeni’s Splendid Ice-Cream)


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