The Halal Guys now in ATL.

I remember my cousin who lives in New Jersey telling me years ago how she used to line up late at night in NYC to get some chicken and rice. When I found out The HalalGuys were opening up a place on Buford Highway in Chamblee I got excited. I could try it out without standing on a NYC corner to experience this so called  “chicken and rice”. I decided to wait a few months so they could work out their kinks. I got the combo platter with an extra order of falafel. The hubby got the falafel pita and both kids got the gyro pita. The kids begged for a pineapple Fanta so I caved and let them enjoy some high fructose syrup. The food was really good and lived up to the hype. Our bill came up to 36$ for 4 people. The staff was very friendly and personal even though I was anxious at first because it is set up like Chipotle and I have ordering anxiety at Chipotle. I didn’t feel rushed here and even one of the guys came to our outdoor table afterwards and offered more “white sauce”. I definitely recommend trying this joint out. Even though the location is in between two massage parlours the food distracted my girls long enough not to ask questions. Next time I’ll try the baklava.

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